Scoring Summary


1stKwan scored on error, Miller safe at second on fielding error by right fielder Sheets.10
1stMoncada scored on Plesac wild pitch, Grandal to second on wild pitch by Plesac, Robert to third on wild pitch by Plesac.11
1stSheets homered to right (381 feet), Robert scored and Grandal scored.14
7thAnderson doubled to deep center, García scored.15
8thNaylor doubled to left, Kwan scored.25
8thPollock homered to left (367 feet), Robert scored and Engel scored.28
9thGiménez homered to left (379 feet).38
9thRosario scored on error, Hedges safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Moncada.48
9thNaylor homered to right center (421 feet), Kwan scored, Ramírez scored and Miller scored.88
10thGiménez doubled to left, Clement scored.98
10thMcGuire grounded into fielder's choice to first, Engel scored, Pollock to second.99
11thNaylor homered to right (388 feet), Straw scored and Ramírez scored.129
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