Scoring Summary


1stStanton homered to right (397 feet), LeMahieu scored.20
2ndPollock doubled to left, Robert scored, Grandal to third.21
2ndGarcía singled to right, Grandal scored and Pollock scored.23
3rdRizzo tripled to right, Judge scored.33
3rdStanton homered to right (361 feet), Rizzo scored.53
4thLeMahieu doubled to left, Higashioka scored.63
4thPollock scored on Gil wild pitch, García to second on wild pitch by Gil, Engel to third on wild pitch by Gil.64
7thJudge homered to left (456 feet).74
7thMoncada homered to center (417 feet), García scored and Anderson scored.77
8thJudge reached on infield single to shortstop, Gonzalez scored and Torres scored, LeMahieu to second.97
8thStanton singled to center, Judge scored and LeMahieu scored, Rizzo to third.117
8thDonaldson homered to left (390 feet), Rizzo scored and Stanton scored.147
9thJudge hit sacrifice fly to right, Gallo scored.157
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