Scoring Summary


1stHernández homered to left (372 feet).10
1stStory homered to left (398 feet), Devers scored and Martinez scored.40
2ndHernández doubled to left, Bradley Jr. scored.50
2ndMartinez singled to left, Hernández scored.60
3rdBradley Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to second, Cordero scored, Vázquez out at second.70
4thDevers homered to left (390 feet).80
4thCordero hit sacrifice fly to left, Martinez scored.90
4thVázquez singled to center, Bogaerts scored, Verdugo to second.100
4thAbreu homered to center (418 feet), Anderson scored.102
5thVerdugo doubled to left center, Martinez scored, Bogaerts to third.112
5thStory singled to shallow left, Bogaerts scored, Verdugo to third.122
5thCordero singled to right, Verdugo scored, Story to third.132
5thVázquez homered to left (400 feet), Story scored and Cordero scored.162
5thAnderson singled to left, Vaughn scored, Engel to second.163
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