Scoring Summary


1stHernández homered to left (395 feet).10
1stStory singled to left, Devers scored, Martinez to second.20
1stVerdugo doubled to deep right center, Martinez scored, Story to third.30
2ndStory homered to left (363 feet), Devers scored and Martinez scored.60
3rdVaughn doubled to deep right, Anderson scored, García scored and Engel scored.63
5thVerdugo doubled to center, Story scored.73
5thVaughn homered to center (406 feet), Engel scored.75
7thVázquez singled to left, Bogaerts scored, Verdugo to second.85
7thArroyo singled to center, Verdugo scored, Vázquez to third.95
8thVerdugo singled to center, Martinez scored, Bogaerts to third.105
8thVázquez singled to center, Bogaerts scored, Verdugo to second.115
8thDalbec singled to right center, Verdugo scored, Vázquez to third.125
8thBradley Jr. safe at first on throwing error by pitcher Sousa, Vázquez and Dalbec scored on error, Bradley Jr. to second.145
8thBurger walked, Abreu scored, Sheets to second, Grandal to third.146
8thGarcía hit sacrifice fly to left, Grandal scored.147
9thPlawecki homered to left center, Devers scored.167
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