Scoring Summary


1stTorres singled to left center, LeMahieu scored, Carpenter to second.10
1stDonaldson homered to left (361 feet), Carpenter scored and Torres scored.40
1stVázquez doubled to center, Martinez scored and Refsnyder scored.42
2ndCarpenter doubled to center, LeMahieu scored.52
3rdGallo tripled to deep right, Hicks scored and Trevino scored, Gallo out stretching at home.72
4thCarpenter homered to right (411 feet).82
4thDonaldson steals third, Hicks steals second. Donaldson scored and Hicks to third on throwing error by catcher Vázquez.92
4thStory homered to left (368 feet).93
4thDalbec homered to left (394 feet).94
6thBogaerts grounded out to third, Refsnyder scored.95
7thGonzalez sacrificed, Hicks scored.105
8thTorres doubled to left, Kiner-Falefa scored.115
9thKiner-Falefa walked, Trevino scored, Judge to second, Gonzalez to third.125
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