Scoring Summary


2ndPeña grounded out to shortstop, Bregman scored, Tucker to second.01
4thTaveras tripled to center, Lowe scored.11
4thViloria hit sacrifice fly to left, Taveras scored.21
4thTucker homered to right center (382 feet).22
6thTaveras hit sacrifice fly to center, García scored.32
7thAlvarez homered to right (394 feet).33
10thSemien hit sacrifice fly to left, Duran scored.43
10thSeager singled to right, J. Smith scored, E. Hernández to second.53
10thTaveras doubled to center, E. Hernández scored, García scored and Seager scored.83
10thTucker singled to center, Bregman scored.84
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