Scoring Summary


1stRooker singled to left, Kemp scored.10
1stMountcastle hit sacrifice fly to center, Hays scored.11
3rdPeterson singled to left, Noda scored, Rooker to second.21
3rdMountcastle singled to center, Mateo scored, Rutschman to second.22
4thMcCann doubled to right, Urías scored.23
5thSmith singled to left, Noda scored, Peterson to second, Rooker to third.33
5thCapel grounded out to first, Rooker scored, Smith to second, Peterson to third.43
5thLangeliers homered to left (417 feet), Peterson scored and Smith scored.73
5thMountcastle homered to center (417 feet), Hays scored and Rutschman scored.76
6thHays homered to left center (413 feet).77
7thHays singled to center, Henderson scored, Hays to second, Mateo to third.78
7thMountcastle homered to left (456 feet), Mateo scored, Hays scored and Rutschman scored.712
9thPeterson doubled to left, Aguilar scored.812
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