Scoring Summary


1stRooker hit sacrifice fly to left, Ruiz scored.10
2ndO'Hearn singled to center, Hays scored and Henderson scored, Vavra to third.12
2ndMateo hit sacrifice fly to center, Vavra scored.13
3rdRooker homered to center (424 feet), Allen scored and Ruiz scored.43
3rdMountcastle homered to center (416 feet).44
3rdFrazier singled to right, Henderson scored, Hays to third.45
3rdO'Hearn hit sacrifice fly to center, Hays scored, Frazier to third.46
3rdMateo grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Frazier scored, Vavra out at second.47
4thRuiz singled to center, Langeliers scored and Pérez scored, Allen to third.67
5thRooker homered to left (401 feet).77
9thRutschman homered to right center (405 feet).78
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