Scoring Summary


1stCandelario homered to right center (427 feet).10
5thTatis Jr. singled to right, Grisham scored, Kim to third.11
6thMeneses singled to center, García scored, Candelario to third.21
6thGarrett sacrificed into double play, right to first to shortstop, Candelario scored, Meneses thrown out at second.31
7thThomas singled to center, Hill scored, Thomas to second, Abrams to third.41
7thCandelario doubled to center, Abrams scored and Thomas scored, García to third.61
7thMeneses doubled to left, Candelario scored and García scored.81
7thKim homered to left (380 feet).82
9thSoto singled to left, Dixon scored, Kim to third.83
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