Scoring Summary


1stTatis Jr. grounded out to second, Kim scored.10
4thHarper homered to center (427 feet).11
5thGrisham singled to right, Odor scored.21
5thSchwarber homered to right (346 feet), Stubbs scored and Rojas scored.24
6thRojas reached on bunt single to second, Stott scored, Sosa to second.25
6thTurner singled to right, Sosa scored, Rojas to third.26
7thSosa hit by pitch, Harper scored, Stott to second, Bohm to third.27
7thStubbs walked, Bohm scored, Sosa to second, Stott to third.28
7thRojas singled to center, Stott scored, Stubbs to second, Sosa to third.29
8thSoto doubled to center, Kim scored.39
9thCronenworth scored on Soto wild pitch, Nola to third on wild pitch by Soto.49
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