Scoring Summary


1stKim homered to left (352 feet).10
4thBogaerts homered to left (379 feet).20
5thGrisham doubled to center, Carpenter scored.30
5thStott homered to right center (393 feet).31
6thSchwarber homered to right (400 feet).32
6thRealmuto doubled to left, Harper scored and Turner scored.34
6thEllis walked, Realmuto scored, Marsh to second, Stott to third.35
8thTatis Jr. singled to left, Kim scored and Machado scored, Bogaerts to third.55
10thSoto hit sacrifice fly to center, Grisham scored.65
10thHarper singled to center, Rojas scored.66
12thSchwarber hit sacrifice fly to left, Sosa scored.67
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