Scoring Summary


3rdJoe grounded out to shortstop, Peguero scored.01
3rdMcCutchen doubled to center, Reynolds scored.02
3rdDavis singled to center, McCutchen scored.03
3rdTriolo singled to center, Davis scored and Suwinski scored, Rodríguez to third.05
3rdPeguero singled to center, Rodríguez scored, Triolo to second.06
4thAlbies homered to right (358 feet).16
4thOlson singled to right, Riley scored.26
4thOzuna singled to right, Olson scored and Murphy scored on fielding error by right fielder Davis, Ozuna to third.46
4thJoe homered to left (406 feet).47
5thOlson singled to right, Albies scored, Riley to third.57
9thAlbies grounded out to first, Harris II scored.67
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