Scoring Summary


1stRiley singled to left, Albies scored.10
2ndArcia homered to center (407 feet).20
3rdOlson homered to center (427 feet).30
3rdOzuna doubled to center, d'Arnaud scored.40
3rdHayes singled to left, Delay scored and Palacios scored, Reynolds to third.42
3rdRivas hit sacrifice fly to left, Reynolds scored, Hayes to second.43
6thPeguero singled to center, Davis scored, Suwinski to third.44
6thDelay grounded out to third, Suwinski scored.45
7thHayes tripled to right, Reynolds scored.46
7thPeguero singled to center, Hayes scored, Davis to second.47
9thAcuña Jr. singled to center, Harris II scored.57
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