Scoring Summary


2ndHarris II singled to center, Arcia scored.10
3rdMurphy singled to center, Riley scored.20
4thAcuña Jr. doubled to left, Rosario scored.30
4thAlbies singled to right, Acuña Jr. scored.40
4thTriolo reached on infield single to shortstop, Davis scored, Suwinski to second, Rodríguez to third.41
4thWilliams grounded out to shortstop, Rodríguez scored, Triolo to second, Suwinski to third.42
4thHayes singled to center, Suwinski scored and Triolo scored.44
6thAlbies singled to center, Harris II scored, Acuña Jr. to second.54
7thHayes homered to center (405 feet).55
8thRiley hit sacrifice fly to second, Harris II scored, Albies to second.65
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