Scoring Summary


1stParedes doubled to left, H. Ramírez scored on error, Paredes safe at third on error by shortstop Rengifo.10
1stMoustakas doubled to left, Ohtani scored.11
2ndOhtani homered to right (389 feet), Renfroe scored, Rengifo scored and Schanuel scored.15
4thJ. Lowe doubled to left, Basabe scored and Mead scored.35
4thPinto singled to right, J. Lowe scored.45
5thH. Ramírez doubled to left, Arozarena scored.55
7thH. Ramírez singled to center, Díaz scored.65
7thDrury doubled to center, Schanuel scored.66
10thRaley singled to right, Siri scored, Paredes to third.76
10thJ. Lowe singled to center, Paredes scored, Raley to third.86
10thPinto singled to right, Raley scored, J. Lowe to second.96
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