Scoring Summary


1stJ. Lowe singled to right, Arozarena scored and B. Lowe scored, Raley to third.20
2ndMoniak singled to right, Moustakas scored, Thaiss to third.21
2ndGrichuk hit sacrifice fly to right, Thaiss scored.22
3rdSchanuel scored, Moustakas to second on passed ball by Pinto, Drury to third on passed ball by Pinto.24
3rdThaiss singled to center, Drury scored, Moustakas to third.24
3rdMoustakas scored, Thaiss to second on passed ball by Pinto.25
3rdGrichuk doubled to center, Thaiss scored.26
4thJ. Lowe homered to right center (388 feet).36
4thPinto homered to center (420 feet), Basabe scored.56
5thDrury homered to right center (395 feet).57
6thAranda homered to right (430 feet).67
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