Scoring Summary


4thBasabe hit a ground rule double to right, Paredes scored, Mead to third.10
4thJ. Lowe grounded out to second, Mead scored, Basabe to third.20
5thParedes singled to right, Arozarena scored, H. Ramírez to third.30
5thMead doubled to left, H. Ramírez scored and Paredes scored, Mead to third.50
5thBasabe doubled to right, Mead scored.60
5thRenfroe homered to left (392 feet).61
6thH. Ramírez doubled to center, Bethancourt scored and Díaz scored, Arozarena to third.81
6thParedes homered to left center (397 feet), Arozarena scored and H. Ramírez scored.111
6thSiri homered to left (410 feet), Basabe scored.131
7thArozarena homered to center (427 feet), Díaz scored.151
8thH. Ramírez singled to center, Bethancourt scored and J. Lowe scored, Aranda to second.171
8thDrury homered to center (401 feet), Schanuel scored and Ohtani scored.174
9thBethancourt hit sacrifice fly to left, Basabe scored.184
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