Scoring Summary


1stHayes singled to right, Triolo scored, Reynolds to third.10
1stJoe singled to left, Reynolds scored, Hayes to third.20
1stDavis grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Hayes scored, Joe out at second.30
3rdDavis singled to center, Hayes scored and Joe scored.50
4thCastro grounded out to first, Marsh scored, Rojas to second, Cave to third.51
4thStubbs homered to right (354 feet), Cave scored and Rojas scored.54
5thSuwinski tripled to right, Joe scored.64
5thSosa homered to left (362 feet).65
5thPache singled to left, Harper scored.66
7thHarper homered to center (427 feet).67
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