Scoring Summary


1stCronenworth tripled to right, Bogaerts scored and Tatis Jr. scored.20
1stKim hit sacrifice fly to center, Cronenworth scored.30
1stCampusano doubled to left, Machado scored.40
1stWade singled to right, Campusano scored.50
1stSmith doubled to center, Ohtani scored, Freeman to third.51
2ndOhtani hit sacrifice fly to right, Lux scored, Betts to third.52
3rdBogaerts singled to center, Campusano scored and Wade scored, Merrill to third.72
3rdTatis Jr. singled to left, Merrill scored, Bogaerts to third.82
3rdCronenworth hit sacrifice fly to center, Bogaerts scored on error, Tatis Jr. safe at second on throwing error by center fielder Outman.92
3rdOutman grounded out to first, Smith scored, Muncy to third.93
3rdHeyward singled to center, Muncy scored.94
3rdBetts doubled to left, Lux scored and Heyward scored.96
5thCronenworth singled to right, Merrill scored, Tatis Jr. to second.106
5thBetts homered to left center (400 feet), Heyward scored.108
6thCampusano doubled to left, Azocar scored.118
7thBogaerts scored, Azocar safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Muncy, Machado to second, Cronenworth to third.128
7thSmith reached on infield single to second, Betts scored, Freeman to third.129
8thBetts reached on infield single to second, Outman scored and Heyward scored, Betts to second.1211
9thMachado homered to left (395 feet), Tatis Jr. scored and Cronenworth scored.1511
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