Scoring Summary


1stJudge homered to left center (425 feet), Soto scored.02
1stStanton homered to right center (349 feet).03
2ndTorres hit sacrifice fly to left, Volpe scored, Wells to third.04
2ndWells scored, Cabrera to second on passed ball by Serven.05
2ndSoto singled to right, Cabrera scored.06
3rdTurner hit sacrifice fly to left, Kiermaier scored.16
4thKiermaier grounded into fielder's choice to second, Clement scored, Serven out at second.26
5thRizzo homered to right (365 feet), Judge scored.28
6thSoto singled to right, Torres scored.29
7thGuerrero Jr. homered to right center (362 feet).39
7thVogelbach doubled to center, Bichette scored, Turner to third.49
7thClement hit sacrifice fly to center, Turner scored.59
9thSchneider doubled to center, Turner scored, Clement to third.69
9thKirk grounded out to shortstop, Clement scored, Schneider to third.79
9thBiggio singled to center, Schneider scored.89
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