Scoring Summary


2ndHapp singled to right, Hoerner scored and Tauchman scored, Amaya to third.20
2ndBellinger singled to right, Amaya scored and Happ scored, Bellinger to second, Suzuki to third.40
4thBellinger hit sacrifice fly to left, Amaya scored.50
4thMorel doubled to left, Happ scored, Suzuki to third.60
4thSwanson tripled to center, Suzuki scored and Morel scored.80
6thCronenworth homered to right (419 feet), Tatis Jr. scored.82
6thKim tripled to right, Machado scored and Profar scored.84
6thCampusano grounded out to second, Kim scored.85
6thBogaerts homered to left center (378 feet), Merrill scored.87
8thTatis Jr. homered to left (376 feet), Merrill scored.89
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