Scoring Summary


2ndCampusano singled to left, Profar scored, Kim to second.01
2ndMerrill grounded into fielder's choice to second, Kim scored, Campusano out at second.02
4thBusch homered to right center (405 feet), Morel scored.22
4thProfar doubled to center, Machado scored, Profar out stretching at third.23
4thCampusano grounded out to shortstop, Kim scored.24
6thCronenworth homered to right (381 feet).25
6thProfar homered to right (367 feet), Machado scored.27
7thCronenworth singled to left, Bogaerts scored, Tatis Jr. to third.28
7thAzocar singled to right, Tatis Jr. scored, Cronenworth to second.29
8thTatis Jr. singled to left, Merrill scored, Rosario to third.210
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