Scoring Summary


1stKeith singled to left, Meadows scored, Torkelson thrown out at third.10
2ndJoe reached on infield single to third, Suwinski scored, Tellez to second.11
2ndBart singled to center, Joe scored and Tellez scored, Triolo to second.13
3rdTriolo singled to center, Suwinski scored and Tellez scored, Joe to third.15
4thMcKinstry hit sacrifice fly to center, Vierling scored, Báez to third.25
5thJoe doubled to left, McCutchen scored, Tellez to third.26
6thReynolds homered to left center (412 feet).27
8thVierling reached on infield single to third, Greene scored, Keith to second, Canha to third.37
9thGreene doubled to left, Urshela scored.47
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