Scoring Summary


1stSosa doubled to left, Grossman scored, Moncada to third.10
1stVaughn singled to right, Moncada scored, Sosa to third.20
1stLee singled to right, Sosa scored, Vaughn to second.30
1stPillar doubled to left, Lee scored and Vaughn scored.50
1stJ. Naylor homered to right center (376 feet), Ramírez scored.52
3rdFreeman singled to left, Ramírez scored, J. Naylor to second.53
4thKwan singled to left, Laureano scored.54
4thRamírez singled to left, Kwan scored, Giménez to second.55
8thFletcher doubled to right, Benintendi scored and Lee scored, Fletcher out stretching at third.75
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