Scoring Summary


1stSheets doubled to center, Grossman scored.10
1stSheets scored, Benintendi caught stealing second, catcher to second to first.20
3rdSheets homered to right (406 feet), Lopez scored and Grossman scored.50
4thJ. Naylor homered to center (432 feet).51
4thBo Naylor homered to center (416 feet), Laureano scored.53
5thKwan homered to right center (395 feet).54
6thFry hit by pitch, J. Naylor scored, Laureano to second, Brennan to third.55
10thSheets doubled to right, Sosa scored.65
10thJ. Naylor doubled to center, Giménez scored.66
10thBo Naylor singled to right, Freeman scored, Laureano to second, Brennan to third.67
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