Scoring Summary


1stMachado homered to left center (390 feet), Tatis Jr. scored.20
1stOhtani homered to center (403 feet).21
2ndKim homered to left (396 feet).31
2ndMuncy homered to right (349 feet).32
2ndBetts homered to left center (409 feet), Outman scored and Lux scored.35
3rdT. Hernández homered to right (370 feet), Freeman scored.37
6thCronenworth homered to right center (372 feet).47
7thBogaerts grounded out to third, Merrill scored, Wade to second.57
7thTatis Jr. homered to center (413 feet), Wade scored.77
11thMerrill singled to left, Azocar scored.87
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