Scoring Summary


1stBellinger singled to right, Hoerner scored, Wisdom to second.01
1stSwanson doubled to center, Wisdom scored.02
2ndHoerner doubled to left, Madrigal scored.03
3rdCooper singled to center, Bellinger scored, Swanson to second, Morel to third.04
3rdMadrigal grounded into fielder's choice to third, Morel scored, Cooper out at second, Swanson to third.05
3rdAmaya doubled to center, Madrigal scored and Swanson scored.07
4thDe La Cruz homered to center (380 feet).17
5thTauchman singled to right, Swanson scored, Happ to third.18
9thGordon singled to left, Bell scored and Lopez scored.38
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