Scoring Summary


2ndJ. Sánchez homered to center (460 feet).10
2ndHoerner singled to left, Tauchman scored, Amaya to third.11
4thJ. Sánchez singled to right, Chisholm Jr. scored, Bell to third.21
4thAnderson singled to right, Bell scored, J. Sánchez to second.31
4thRivera grounded into fielder's choice to second, J. Sánchez scored, Gordon out at second.41
4thHoerner doubled to right, Tauchman scored, Canario to third.42
4thBellinger singled to left, Canario scored, Bellinger to second, Hoerner to third.43
5thChisholm Jr. singled to left, Arraez scored, De La Cruz to second.53
7thBell grounded out to second, Fortes scored, Chisholm Jr. to second, De La Cruz to third.63
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