Scoring Summary


1stHoskins homered to left (399 feet), Contreras scored.20
1stArenado doubled to left, Contreras scored.21
2ndDonovan hit sacrifice fly to left, Nootbaar scored, Siani to second, Walker to third.22
2ndGoldschmidt grounded out to shortstop, Walker scored.23
2ndContreras singled to right, Siani scored.24
4thTurang homered to right center (387 feet), Perkins scored.44
4thChourio homered to right (370 feet).54
6thContreras singled to right, Chourio scored, Frelick to third.64
6thAdames doubled to left, Frelick scored, Contreras to third.74
6thHoskins singled to right, Contreras scored, Adames to third.84
6thAdames scored on Gallegos wild pitch, Hoskins to second on wild pitch by Gallegos.94
7thChourio scored on error, Frelick safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Winn.104
9thChourio singled to center, Perkins scored, Turang to third.114
9thFrelick grounded into double play, second to first, Turang scored, Chourio out at second.124
9thArenado hit sacrifice fly to left, Siani scored.125
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