Scoring Summary


1stTucker homered to right center (395 feet).10
1stSoto homered to center (440 feet), Volpe scored.12
2ndSoto reached on infield single to first, Rizzo scored, Volpe to second, Torres out at home in rundown.13
3rdJudge homered to right center (404 feet).14
3rdStanton homered to left (447 feet).15
6thSoto grounded out to first, Wells scored, Volpe to second, Cabrera to third.16
6thJudge doubled to center, Cabrera scored and Volpe scored.18
7thMeyers tripled to center, Dubón scored.28
8thPeña homered to left center (379 feet).38
8thSoto singled to center, Cabrera scored.39
9thAltuve singled to right, Dubón scored, Meyers to second.49
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