Scoring Summary


1stSoto hit sacrifice fly to center, Volpe scored.10
3rdJones homered to left center (383 feet).20
4thTrevino homered to left (409 feet), Rizzo scored.40
5thJudge homered to right (374 feet), Soto scored.60
7thSiri homered to left center (411 feet), Palacios scored, DeLuca scored and Rortvedt scored.64
7thParedes hit by pitch, Díaz scored, Arozarena to second, J. Lowe to third.65
8thTorres homered to left center (395 feet), Grisham scored and Rizzo scored.95
8thTrevino homered to left (381 feet).105
9thDíaz homered to right center (383 feet).106
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