Scoring Summary


2ndPalacios grounded out to first, Aranda scored, Paredes to second.10
2ndDevers homered to left (340 feet).11
3rdJ. Lowe homered to right (380 feet), Siri scored.31
4thCaballero scored, Siri to second, Rortvedt to third on wild pitch by Criswell.41
4thDíaz grounded out to shortstop, Rortvedt scored.51
5thSmith grounded out to first, Duran scored, Devers to second, Refsnyder to third.52
5thCooper doubled to left, Devers scored and Refsnyder scored.54
6thDuran homered to right center (426 feet).55
9thParedes singled to left, Arozarena scored, Aranda to third.65
9thPalacios hit sacrifice fly to center, Aranda scored.75
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