Scoring Summary


1stYelich singled to right, Turang scored.10
1stAltuve homered to left center (366 feet).11
1stSingleton grounded out to second, Alvarez scored, Peña to second, Bregman to third.12
1stMeyers doubled to right, Bregman scored and Peña scored.14
5thSingleton singled to center, Alvarez scored, Peña to second.15
6thTucker homered to right center (390 feet).16
7thTurang singled to right, Frelick scored and Ortiz scored, Perkins to second.36
7thYelich singled to right, Perkins scored, Turang to third.46
7thTucker homered to left (358 feet), Caratini scored and Altuve scored.49
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