Scoring Summary


2ndCaballero singled to left, Paredes scored and Aranda scored.02
2ndDíaz grounded out to first, Caballero scored, Palacios to third.03
5thRafaela singled to center, Hamilton scored, Grissom to second.13
5thWong singled to left, Grissom scored and Rafaela scored, Abreu to third.33
5thRefsnyder singled to right, Wong scored, Devers to third.43
5thSmith singled to left, Devers scored, Refsnyder to third.53
6thDuran doubled to left, Rafaela scored.63
6thAbreu homered to center (415 feet), Duran scored.83
7thDeLuca reached on infield single to third, Palacios scored, Rortvedt to second.84
9thDíaz homered to center (427 feet).85
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