Scoring Summary


1stAlonso singled to right, Lindor scored.01
2ndSoler homered to center (411 feet).11
3rdMatos grounded out to shortstop, Luciano scored.21
4thMcNeil singled to center, Vientos scored, Marte to third.22
4thNido hit sacrifice fly to left, Marte scored.23
5thMartinez homered to left center (424 feet).24
5thVientos homered to right center (390 feet).25
7thAlonso homered to left (391 feet).26
8thEstrada doubled to center, Yastrzemski scored, Wade Jr. to third.36
8thBailey homered to right center (420 feet), Wade Jr. scored, Estrada scored and Chapman scored.76
9thYastrzemski homered to right (397 feet).86
9thLindor singled to right, Stewart scored.87
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