Scoring Summary


3rdGoldschmidt grounded out to second, Donovan scored, Nootbaar to third.01
3rdArenado singled to center, Nootbaar scored.02
4thHoerner doubled to left, Morel scored and Tauchman scored.22
4thBusch singled to center, Hoerner scored, Busch to second.32
6thWinn doubled to left, Gorman scored.33
7thWisdom doubled to left, Busch scored, Swanson to third.43
8thCarpenter singled to right, Burleson scored, Carpenter to second, Gorman to third.44
8thDonovan singled to left, Gorman scored and Carlson scored.46
8thNootbaar tripled to right, Donovan scored.47
9thTauchman singled to right, Swanson scored, Madrigal to second.57
9thBellinger singled to right, Madrigal scored, Tauchman to third.67
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