Scoring Summary


1stHarper reached on infield single to second, Schwarber scored, Castellanos to third.10
1stStott grounded into fielder's choice to second, Castellanos scored, Harper out at second.20
3rdMerrifield singled to right, Bohm scored, Stott to third.30
3rdDahl doubled to left, Stott scored, Merrifield to third.40
4thWestbrook hit sacrifice fly to right, Devers scored.41
5thDuran reached on infield single to second, Hamilton scored on error and Rafaela scored on throwing error by second baseman Merrifield, Duran to second.43
5thO'Neill hit sacrifice fly to left, Duran scored.44
5thValdez doubled to center, Refsnyder scored and Wong scored, Valdez thrown out at third.46
6thHamilton homered to right center (399 feet), Dalbec scored.48
7thStott doubled to right, Castellanos scored.58
9thBohm hit sacrifice fly to right, Harper scored.68
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