Scoring Summary


1stPederson doubled to right, Carroll scored and Marte scored, Pederson out stretching at third.02
1stWalker homered to left center (432 feet).03
3rdVaughn grounded out to second, Mendick scored, Pham to second.13
3rdMcCarthy grounded into fielder's choice to second, Pederson scored, Walker out at second.14
4thMarte hit sacrifice fly to left, Alexander scored.15
4thWalker doubled to right, Perdomo scored and Carroll scored, Pederson to third.17
4thMcCarthy hit sacrifice fly to center, Pederson scored, Walker to third.18
4thWalker scored on Kuhl wild pitch, Grichuk to second on wild pitch by Kuhl.19
4thGrichuk scored on Kuhl wild pitch, Moreno to third on wild pitch by Kuhl.110
6thMcCarthy tripled to left, Pederson scored.111
6thGrichuk grounded out to third, McCarthy scored.112
7thPham singled to right, Sosa scored.212
9thVaughn singled to right, Maldonado scored and Pham scored.412
9thColás singled to left, Vaughn scored.512
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