Scoring Summary


3rdHamilton singled to center, González scored on error, Hamilton to second, Hamilton safe at third on throwing error by center fielder Kiermaier.10
4thValdez homered to right (378 feet).20
4thKiermaier singled to center, Barger scored, Kiner-Falefa to third.21
4thTurner grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Kiner-Falefa scored, Horwitz out at second, Kiermaier to third.22
5thDuran homered to center (433 feet).32
6thGonzález reached on infield single to second, Yoshida scored, Valdez to second.42
6thDuran singled to center, Valdez scored, González to second.52
7thTurner scored on Slaten wild pitch, Guerrero Jr. to second on wild pitch by Slaten.53
8thSmith doubled to center, Valdez scored, McGuire to third.63
8thSmith scored on error, Hamilton safe at first on fielding error by first baseman Guerrero Jr., Hamilton safe at second on error, Duran out at home in rundown.73
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