Scoring Summary


1stYelich grounded into fielder's choice to first, Turang scored.10
1stMachado homered to right (348 feet), Arraez scored and Cronenworth scored.13
1stMerrill homered to right (355 feet).14
5thAdames homered to center (411 feet), Yelich scored.34
5thTatis Jr. homered to left center (446 feet).35
7thProfar doubled to left, Tatis Jr. scored.36
8thTurang singled to left, Ortiz scored, Perkins to second.46
9thYelich scored on Estrada wild pitch, Bauers to second on wild pitch by Estrada.56
9thHoskins doubled to left, Bauers scored.66
9thCronenworth homered to right (401 feet).67
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