Scoring Summary


3rdReynolds singled to right, Olivares scored, McCutchen to third.10
4thSteer doubled to left, De La Cruz scored and India scored.12
4thFairchild doubled to center, Steer scored on error and Stephenson scored on error, Fairchild safe at third on throwing error by shortstop Cruz.14
4thJordan hit sacrifice fly to right, Fairchild scored, Espinal to second.15
5thGrandal singled to center, Olivares scored, Suwinski to second.25
5thCruz grounded into fielder's choice to third, Suwinski scored, Reynolds out at second, Grandal to third.35
5thDe La Cruz doubled to center, India scored.36
5thSteer singled to center, De La Cruz scored.37
6thMaile singled to right, Jordan scored, Maile to second.38
6thIndia doubled to left, Maile scored.39
6thDe La Cruz homered to center (439 feet), India scored.311
7thCruz homered to right center (458 feet), McCutchen scored.511
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