Scoring Summary


3rdBleday singled to center, Alvarez scored, Bleday thrown out at second, Schuemann to third.10
3rdNevin hit by pitch, Schuemann scored, Rooker to second, Andujar to third.20
4thO'Hoppe singled to center, Ward scored, Calhoun to second.21
4thMoniak homered to right center (375 feet), Calhoun scored, O'Hoppe scored and Neto scored.25
5thRooker homered to left (418 feet).35
6thAdell doubled to left, Moniak scored.36
7thWard homered to left (407 feet).37
8thAlvarez reached on infield single to second, Langeliers scored, Alvarez to second, Gelof to third.47
8thButler hit sacrifice fly to center, Gelof scored.57
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