Scoring Summary


2ndJung scored on Castro wild pitch.10
2ndSemien tripled to left, Taveras scored and Jankowski scored.30
2ndSeager homered to center (431 feet), Semien scored.50
3rdJankowski doubled to right, Jung scored and Lowe scored, Heim to third.70
3rdSemien homered to left center (383 feet), Heim scored and Jankowski scored.100
4thGurriel Jr. hit sacrifice fly to right, Moreno scored, Walker to third.101
8thHeim homered to right (377 feet).111
8thPham hit sacrifice fly to right, Carroll scored, Moreno to third.112
8thGurriel Jr. homered to left (382 feet), Moreno scored and Walker scored.115
9thMoreno singled to center, Lawlar scored and Perdomo scored.117
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