Scoring Summary


2ndBaddoo hit sacrifice fly to center, Canha scored.01
3rdMcCutchen homered to left center (377 feet), Triolo scored and Bae scored.31
4thN. Gonzales homered to left (361 feet).41
6thTriolo hit sacrifice fly to right, N. Gonzales scored.51
6thVierling homered to left center (373 feet).52
7thReynolds hit sacrifice fly to center, Koch scored, McCutchen to third.62
7thJoe grounded into fielder's choice to second, McCutchen scored.72
8thMcCutchen singled to right, Tellez scored, Bae to second.82
9thCruz tripled to right, Joe scored.92
9thN. Gonzales singled to left, Cruz scored.102
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