Will Power: Profanity after winning Indianapolis 500 not aimed toward drivers

Will Power emotional after capturing elusive Indy 500 title (0:48)

On his 11th attempt, Will Power wins his first career Indianapolis 500. (0:48)

INDIANAPOLIS -- Will Power has earned respect in the IndyCar garage for his racing ability, so when in the euphoria of his Indianapolis 500 victory, he keyed up his radio and yelled about respect, it wasn't directed at his competition.

The Indianapolis 500 win was the one thing missing from the Power racing résumé, and his victory Sunday at Indianapolis in his 11th try compelled the driver with 33 open-wheel wins and 51 open-wheel poles to scream in excitement.

"Yes! Yes! Show me respect, m-----f-----," Power shouted into his radio after winning the race.

Power now has a viral video to go along with his Borg-Warner Trophy as far as memories from Sunday.

"That absolutely had nothing to do with drivers," Power said Monday morning. "It was just the whole frustration I've had through my career of winning a lot of races, winning more poles and more wins than anyone probably in the last almost 10 years but not winning this race."

The Team Penske driver said the statement wasn't directed at anyone in particular.

"I felt like I had those feelings where I was going to finish my career without really being recognized as a very winning driver because I hadn't won this race," Power said. "It kind of came from that, I guess. It was just there."