Zamora's novelty anatomical kit maintains Spanish lower-league tradition

Spanish fourth-tier side Zamora CF have enjoyed instant success with the release of their new away kit, which is inspired by the human circulatory system.

The striking jersey features Zamora's club crest as the "beating heart" at the centre of the design, with various veins and arteries running down over the waistband to the shorts below.

The shirts also feature a lengthy motto on the back which pays odd homage to blood, the "reddish liquid that transports life through our bodies" and "feeds our emotions and feelings".

Zamora aren't the first Spanish lower-league team to leap aboard the novelty kit bandwagon, with several of their contemporaries doing likewise over the past few years.

The fad began in 2013 when La Hoya Lorca decided to celebrate their local agricultural heritage by producing an away kit made of broccoli.

CD Lugo then followed suit in 2014 with a couple of kits inspired by two staples of their local Galician cuisine: beer and octopus.

The following year, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa filed their two-pronged attempt at cracking the market by introducing a suave "joke tuxedo" kit in both black and white variations.

The list goes on: AD Caravaca crammed images of religious artefacts, horses and traditional red neckerchiefs, Guijuelo paid homage to their town's famous Iberico ham and CD Pinzon were inspired by abundant local fruit production.

Meanwhile, CD Palencia were covered by a neck-to-knee depiction of human muscle structure and Atletico Astorga went one better by transforming their green home kit into a detailed representation of the Incredible Hulk's rippling torso.

However, perhaps the weirdest innovation of all came from CD Leganes who, in 2016, celebrated their promotion to La Liga with a new home kit that featured a "scratch and sniff" badge.

When activated the badge emitted the aroma of freshly cut grass for no real reason other than the club thought it would be a "bit of fun".

Amazing, in the truest sense of the word.