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Best college football seasons for hoops powerhouses

Kansas and Kentucky are undefeated, and basketball season hasn't started. Duke and UNC each have a loss. Suddenly some basketball schools are winning at football, too. Can they match their best seasons?

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The four steps to building football respect at a 'basketball school'

Mark Stoops made a winner out of the football-playing Wildcats.

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Ranking Cameron Boozer (yes, Carlos' son), D.J. Wagner and the top 25 recruits regardless of class

How do the No. 1 basketball recruits in each class compare? We broke down and ranked the prospects who are the future Kevin Loves and Jimmy Butlers.

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Rebels' McPhee-McCuin, Davis excited for hoops season

The Ole Miss men's and women's basketball coaches join The Paul Finebaum Show to share their excitement about the upcoming season and what fans can expect.


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