Liverpool to clamp down on ticket touts says CEO Peter Moore

Liverpool CEO Peter Moore has urged supporters to not buy tickets from unofficial sources as the club introduce measures to stop touting.

Liverpool are working with private investigators, who specialise in ticket touting, in order to help them combat the issue, and they have already suspended a number of people from purchasing tickets and attending games at Anfield.

For the Bournemouth away match in December, the club performed a live investigation, which involved buying match tickets from unauthorised sellers and found individuals reselling tickets well above face value.

Moore told the club website: "Behind the scenes we are working extremely hard to try and eradicate ticketing touting to protect our supporters from getting caught out with fake or unofficial tickets.

"One way to help immediately is to stop purchasing tickets from unofficial sources. We will continue this work and are committed to looking at new ways how we can help to stop this illegal trading."

Liverpool are asking for supporters who have been victim of touting to contact them.