Scoring Summary


1stMcCutchen homered to left center (383 feet).10
2ndMathias singled to center, Joe scored, Castro to third.20
2ndBae safe at first on sacrifice bunt, Castro scored, Mathias to second.30
2ndHedges singled to center, Mathias scored, Bae to second.40
2ndHayes singled to center, Bae scored, Hayes to second, Hedges to third.50
2ndReynolds singled to left, Hedges scored, Hayes to third.60
2ndSantana grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Hayes scored, Reynolds out at second.70
3rdBae grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Castro scored, Mathias out at second.80
3rdHayes singled to center, Bae scored.90
3rdBryant homered to left center (434 feet).91
5thHayes hit sacrifice fly to right, Mathias scored.101
5thReynolds singled to left, Bae scored, Hedges to second.111
5thSantana singled to center, Hedges scored and Reynolds scored.131
8thMoustakas doubled to left, Bryant scored, Blackmon to third.132
8thCastro hit sacrifice fly to left, Blackmon scored.133
9thSuwinski homered to right (461 feet).143
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