Scoring Summary


3rdJudge homered to left center (450 feet), Volpe scored and Soto scored.30
3rdRamírez homered to left (378 feet), Arias scored.32
4thTrevino homered to center (406 feet).42
5thArias homered to center (424 feet).43
5thJ. Naylor singled to right, Kwan scored, Freeman to third.44
8thFlorial homered to right (387 feet).45
9thVolpe doubled to right, Cabrera scored.55
10thRizzo singled to right, Judge scored and Soto scored, Stanton to second.75
10thJ. Naylor grounded into fielder's choice to second, Bo Naylor scored, Ramírez out at second.76
10thBrennan grounded into fielder's choice to second, J. Naylor scored, Fry third.77
10thGiménez hit sacrifice fly to right, Fry scored.78
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